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Drivers are the backbone of any fleet business. If you have been successful in hiring great drivers, the next step is to make sure they stick with your organization. You should keep your employees happy and acknowledge their efforts to motivate them to perform better. GPS tracking and fleet management software can play a substantial role in ensuring that drivers perform their tasks well with least hassles. Listed below are some ways to improve driver retention.

Prioritize Safety

Fleets can easily retain good drivers if they promote driver safety. Fleet managers should take effective measures to promote a culture of safety. Driver behavior can be tracked and areas of improvement can be pinpointed. Investing in software can help boost safety to a great extent. You can install dashcams to ensure driver safety. Drivers feel more comfortable working in an organization that emphasizes safety.

Upgrade to New Technology

Your business should keep up to date with the latest technological advancements. Outdated technology can reduce the overall productivity of your drivers. You may not realize it but you will easily lose edge over competitors. Drivers’ jobs must be made as easy and convenient as possible. Having to deal with outdated technology can lead to stress and dissatisfaction among drivers. Software that enables route optimization, easy navigation and updating of work schedules can reduce the burden on drivers.

Acknowledge Good Performance

It is important to acknowledge drivers who exhibit good behavior. Implementing technology can track driver behavior over a period of time. Drivers who have consistently practised safe driving need to be rewarded. You can judge drivers’ performance based on various factors such as collisions, fuel consumed, distance covered, customer reviews among others. Drivers are motivated to achieve new milestones when they receive incentives or rewards for good performance.

Encourage Feedback

Drivers should be given an opportunity to register their feedback. A business can thrive only if employees feel valued and respected. Along with asking for feedback, you need to take appropriate actions to heal pain points. You need to communicate clearly about the steps taken to bring improvements so that drivers know their opinions have been acknowledged.

Build a Strong Team

A sense of teamwork and collaboration need to be cultivated among drivers. Drivers must feel they are a part of the team. Cooperation and coordination within the team can create healthy competition as well as help drivers learn from others’ experiences. Relationships between the drivers and employers too should be paid attention to. Drivers should work together to achieve organizational goals while also attaining personal growth like increased remuneration and other benefits.


Integrating technology like a GPS fleet tracking app can improve driver retention. Recruiting new drivers every now and then is expensive. Retaining good drivers is key to long lasting success and productivity. Investing in technology is one of the key steps to make drivers’ daily tasks easier.

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