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Misconceptions about dog and cat food can lead you to make bad choices for your pet. It is important that you want a stand that not everything out on the internet is true. Knowing important factors and not believing in the common misconceptions will help you make better food choices for your pet. In return, this will enable your pets to have a healthy and nutritious diet.

Misconceptions About Dog and Cat Food

It is important to bust these misconceptions that people have about dog and cat food. We have listed a few misconceptions and busted these myths for you to make the best food choices for your pet.

Packed Food Is Not Healthy

The packaged food that is available in the market for dogs and cats is considered junk or processed food by many people. This is actually not true. Packed food for dogs and cats is very healthy and has nutritional value that your pet needs in his daily intake. The packaging might be canned or bagged but the nutritional value of the food is intact.

Dogs and Cats Cannot Have Grains

The second common misconception about the food that your pet consumes is that grains are harmful to their health and cause serious health issues. This in fact is not true. Your pets need to consume grains as it has some health benefits to them. It helps them digest their food and pass stools. Grains need to be added to your pet’s diet in a proportionate amount.

Raw Food Is Good

Contradicting popular belief, cats and dogs are not supposed to eat raw foods. They have smaller digestive systems and it becomes difficult for them to digest raw food. Packed and canned food are healthy options for your pets. They are easy to digest and also provide all the nutritional value.


The misconceptions mentioned above are common for dog and cat food. As a pet owner, it is important that you understand that your pet’s health is more important than anything. So, before making any food choices it is important that you research and learn more about it. You can look for food options at some of the best pet care shops in Dubai. They have a wide range of food items, snacks, treats, and Veterinary consumables for your cats and dogs.

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