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There have been a rising popularity of cosmetic surgeries, among which breast augmentation Dubai is a mainly favored one. Breast lifts and augmentations is provided in high numbers throughout the year. The main purpose of breast enhancement treatments is the enhancement of breast to improve its shape and size. Women choose these surgeries due to various reasons, which include asymmetry in the breast shapes or if they have lost its volume in relation to weight loss or after pregnancy. However, going for a complex surgery like these, every women will have ample of queries and worries to clear off.

Breast Implant Types

Basically breast implants consists of silicone shell which has saline water or silicone gel. The variety of implants may also depend on shapes and sizes that is decided based on the aesthetic requirement or the client’s choice. The round shape are most commonly preferred ones for getting a cleavage, or fullness in the chest area. These implants are so well designed that they give a full natural look and feel.

Choosing the Surgeon

If you wish to get a breast augmentation treatment in the UAE, it is important to find the perfect doctor for the same. You can check for various factors like board certification, the medico’s experience, and knowledge in the field. Through a personal consultation with the doctor you can know their treatment style, responsiveness to queries and professional approach in informing about the possible risk factors.

Eligible Candidates

Before opting for a breast enhancement surgery, you need to check if you are eligible for the same. These complex surgical treatment using saline implants is meant for women above 18 years of age and for silicone implant you should be 22 and above. Apart from age limits, the breast augmentations are only meant for non-smokers, women who are not pregnant or breastfeeding, and have a healthy body weight.


This is a highly subjective factor, as the recovery time will mainly depend on the patient’s body characteristics and health conditions. However, usually breast implant treatment recovery may take around four or six weeks or more for a normal healthy woman. Within a week period, women tend to feel much better. It is still recommended to avoid heavy works and stressful activities or exercise to get well soon.

Effects and Risks

Like any surgical procedure, breast augmentation also involves some amount of risks. These main involve infections, leaks from the silicone shells, pain, severe scars, as well as asymmetry in rare cases.


Breast augmentation from a good urology doctor Dubai can be effective in improving the breast and making it fuller, perfect asymmetric ones, increases projection and shape, and helps you create a good hip-to-breast ratio.

Important Facts About Breast Implant Dubai
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